Annika 1

I always knew I would be a makeup artist. My fascination with all things makeup, creative and colourful started at a young age. I was the little girl who would force my cousins to wear lipstick and take a bag to church. Being a model since I was a kid, throughout the years I would secretly watch and learn from the makeup artists who worked on my face, I would study their kits and dream of having the same.  

Being a musical theatre performer for the last couple of years and a dancer since I could walk, makeup was always around me. After my training at The Makeup Issue, I spent a good few years honing my skills at MAC where I learnt how to enhance the beauty of all ages, skin types and colours. 

I love skin to look like skin and I believe that makeup should not wear you, but it should enhance that natural beauty that is already there. Having recently gotten married, I know and understand what it is like to be a bride and I believe that on your wedding day you should look like the best possible version of you. 

"I am a firm believer that makeup should not wear you but enhance the beauty that is already there."