Cuppa For Cansa

With October being Cancer awareness month and having had various people close to us being diagnosed or having lost the battle to CANCER… I jumped on board my mom’s idea of wanting to do a Cuppa for Cansa Tea Party. It was a wonderful success, a tea party picnic in the park with 28 very […]

Skin Secrets

In the last couple of years heading towards my late 20’s I have discovered a few simple skin secrets that I think will benefit me in the long run… here they are… 1. Drink Loads of Water : This is a common beauty secret but it is definitely one of the most important! I find […]

My Best Mascaras

Mascara in my opinion is the secret to finishing off a beautiful makeup look. With so many mascaras on the market, it is indeed challenging trying to find a great mascara that works amazingly and is affordable , considering the fact that your mascara should be replaced every 3 months. These are four of my […]

Mink Nails

What colour is Mink exactly? who knows. I would say it is a pinkish , mauvish , brownish shade of nude. Below I am wearing mink nails, a nail varnish by Bobbi Brown called Roza. What I love most about this nail varnish is the fact that Roza is Bobbi Brown’s in-house Manicurist and the […]

Braided Bridal

French Braids, Dutch Braids, Waterfall Braids, Fishtail Braids… etc, Whatever your choice of braid, they are all the rage! Why not incorporate a pretty braid and wear a braided bridal do.This gorgeous bride Meryl, chose to wear a fish tail braid on her day. It’s an easy going, no fuss hair do and it’s beautiful […]

Spring Inspired Makeup

Some pretty bits of Makeup to form part of your Spring collection. Lavender Lips, Mint Nails and a floral fragrance – all Inspired by Spring.1. Yardley White Retractable Liner – An easy to use, affordable white liner. Works well to brighten up your eyes and make them appear bigger when worn inside your eye on […]

Brush Bath

A good few years ago I gave my cousin a beautiful set of mini MAC brushes for her birthday, with that I gave her instructions to wash her brushes regularly! She took my advice and washed them, or rather BATHED them! yes, that’s right, she ran a bath for her brushes and bathed them in […]

A Wedding Day amidst grey skies

This beautiful bride on her wedding day amidst grey skies looked nothing short of perfect. Wavy hair, a soft smoky eye, a pink lip and her three best girls all dressed in navy and standing amongst the lavender was a beautiful sight to see. This is proof that the sun does not have to shine […]

Easy does it

I always said I would NOT be the makeup artist who wears little or no makeup…so I often try to make an effort with my makeup, but I do have have the odd lazy day…which happens more often than not. 🙂 These are my everyday easy products I use on myself when I need to […]