MAC Mineralize Charged Water Moisture eye cream

Lately I’ve been noticing these foreign fine lines around my eyes when I smile! What is up with that!They were never there before! I have always used an eye cream, because after removing makeup every night my eye area usually feels rather dry. So once I’d finished my last Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing eye cream , I […]

Spring Lippys

  Tease ( Topshop) Matte The cutest barbie pink. A velvety matte texture with a whole lotta pop. I’m so in love with this colour and she photographs beautifully. Be sure that lips are well hydrated and moisturized before wearing this lipstick. Vegas Volt (MAC) Amplified creme An old stage favourite of mine. She was […]

One, Two , Cha Cha Tint

One of My favourite Purchases at the Wonderful Beauty Store, Sephora, which I frequented when I was in Singapore (and miss madly now!) was the juicy Cha Cha Tint by Benefit… Its described as Mango-tinted… now anyone who knows me, knows that I’m completely obsessed with anything and everything Mango…It was a toss up between […]

MAC Face & Body: My Favourite Favourite

This past weekend my fiance and I completed a pre-marriage course, where we discovered our ‘Love Languages!’ One of my primary love languages is Gifts, giving and receiving, not necessarily huge gifts (let this not be confused by being a gold-digger haha), but visual symbols of love, the little things like taking note of what […]

Steamy and a bunch of Roses

I’m proud to say My fiance bravely waltzed into a MAC store one day without me knowing and chose this colour for me (Huge points.) It is now my favourite pink,called Steamy. I’m not usually a huge lover of pink, but I absoloutely love this colour , its strong and bright. This week my nail […]

Nude Nails : Toffee to go

I’m Usually a bright-coloured nail kinda girl, but what I’ve been wearing this week is a rich and creamy nude.I’m absolutely in love with this colour on my nails, which is a little strange for me because it looks almost like they’re naked, and my nails are NEVER naked! I ALWAYS wear a strong coloured nail […]

Playful Contrastness

Shot at a ‘secret’ location in Cape Town where we had snow on the beach and blow up toys to play with, this was one of my favourite shoots to date!Being a huge lover of colour, I was in my element! Our stylist cleverly accesorised black clothing with the brightest hues she could find. Any […]

The Perfect “Winter” Lip

I’m not usually a fan of grouping makeup into “Summer” or “Winter” colours, because I believe there is nothing wrong with wearing a bright coral lip in winter if it cheers you up from the chilly winter blues or a deep plum in summer just for the fun of it. But this Autumn/Winter, lipstick’s most […]

KMM’s Top 5 Makeup Kit Essentials

A makeup artists best friend is his or her KIT and there is a product for each and every situation.Here is a list of my top 5 favourite products in my kit…   1. Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial spray It has a unique mineral balance and natural pH which makes it the perfect product […]