What’s in my Bag

No matter how much makeup you own, we all have our favourite products that we reach for every time because we know they work. I decided to open up my makeup bag and show you what’s inside. These are my go to products for my everyday typically natural look. Bobbi Brown SPF15 tinted Moisturizer – […]

Cuppa For Cansa

With October being Cancer awareness month and having had various people close to us being diagnosed or having lost the battle to CANCER… I jumped on board my mom’s idea of wanting to do a Cuppa for Cansa Tea Party. It was a wonderful success, a tea party picnic in the park with 28 very […]

Nude Nails : Toffee to go

I’m Usually a bright-coloured nail kinda girl, but what I’ve been wearing this week is a rich and creamy nude.I’m absolutely in love with this colour on my nails, which is a little strange for me because it looks almost like they’re naked, and my nails are NEVER naked! I ALWAYS wear a strong coloured nail […]

Playful Contrastness

Shot at a ‘secret’ location in Cape Town where we had snow on the beach and blow up toys to play with, this was one of my favourite shoots to date!Being a huge lover of colour, I was in my element! Our stylist cleverly accesorised black clothing with the brightest hues she could find. Any […]