My Favourite Makeup Brushes

Which are the best makeup brushes to use?  Is a question asked frequently by makeup lovers. I  have the answer for you! I have compiled a short list of my top six makeup brushes that I love using. Makeup brushes are extremely expensive, but they are such a great investment and can last a lifetime if they are well looked after.

From Left to Right.

MAC 239 Eye Shader brush - I love this brush for packing eyeshadow to the lid. It's great for when you are wanting to apply a concentrated amount of eyeshadow in an area. It's great for when you are using eyeshadow pigments.

Sigma E35 Tapered Blending Brush  - This brush is great for defining the crease before blending with a fluffy brush.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - I love using this brush to apply foundation. The synthetic bristles are nice and firm and give a great application whether you use it to apply moisturizer, primer or foundation.

 Edgars Angled Brush - I found this brush in a cheapy range at Edgars, it was under R100!  This brush works well to apply gel liner and to fill in your brows with a gel based brow filler.

Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush - Despite the fact that this is a liner brush, I love using it for when I am applying false lashes. This brush works well to press the already glued lash onto the lash line and because it is a silicone brush, the lash glue peels off it easily.

217 Blending Brush - My favourite brush and probably the most frequently used brush in my brush roll. This is the perfect brush for blending eyeshadow into the crease to ensure no harsh lines.


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  1. Looooove brush review posts! I have the RT Silicone brush and I can never ever get it to work with liner. I know you said you use it for lashes but how do you find it for liner?

    Rayne xx

    • Thanks for your comment Rayne! I have found the silicone brush works well with a very fresh gel liner, if the liner is the slightest bit dry, it is a struggle. I also find using it very gently, almost drawing the liner on and layering it works better than perhaps using it the way you would use a normal liner brush.I do love that I can get a very fine wing using the stiff, sharp point.

      Kirsten xxx

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